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About me: I am generally a nice person. Around people, I like to act a bit on the stupid/crazy side because I love to make people laugh. However, I do consider myself to be smart and competent in almost all areas.

I have many story ideas buzzing around my head which someday, I hope to put down to paper. I have a great interest in both anime and manga, (my current obssessions being Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Pienemien's Ray, and the Tsubasa Resevior Chronicles) and have already put in great thought to creating my own sooner or later.

Yes, I must admit it. I am a rabid yaoi fangirl. Along with my friends Jacey and Jessica, we are a rather scary sight. In fact, Jacey was the one who goaded me to join Livejournal, so here's a shoutout to her! (I doubt she even knows that I joined yet though...)

I also like violent things. Yes, violent, torturous, and gory things are awesome! Red stuff flying through the air? No problem! I think it was my Uncle Alan who really got me started into that, since he loves all these horror movies and things. Ah, there's nothing better than a good violent movie to make you relax. Let me tell you, although not as violent as it could have been, the Blade Trilogy rocks! It's about this vampire who has the ability to withstand daylight, and is out to destroy evil vampires who are out to conquer the world. Indeed, it does sound cheesy, but it's worthwhile!

One of my biggest goals in life is to learn Japanese. I really only know a few bits and pieces here and there. (mainly consisting of a few phrases) I also speak somewhat fluent Spanish.

Hmm... That's about all I can think of for my bio! Maybe I'll come back someday and edit or add things on, but for now, enjoy! ^^